2023 - "State of the Earth" - Art and Science Exhibition

„State of the Earth“ – Art and Science Exhibition


15 Channel Center Street, Boston, MA 02210, USA

August 29th to September 27th Exhibition

Exhibition Opening Reception: Sept. 9th, from 4:30 to 6:30pm

Violeta Vollmer – Consuelo Vallejo Delgado – Adriana G. Prat – Hebé García – Julia Csekö – Naoe Suzuki – Verónica Parselis (Verute) – Carmen Mojica Martínez – Fulgen Sabatier – Haley Johnson – Jesseca Ferguson – Jacqueline Herranz Brooks – Helen Papp – Megan MacDonell – Liliana Folta – JAYPIX -Souther – Tina Chakarian – Kathleen Bitetti – Olga Shmuylovich.

Liliana Folta
Curator –

August 29th to September 27th Exhibition Opening Reception: Sept. 9th, from 4:30 to 6:30pm

Aug. 29th. to Sept. 27th. 2023 Exhibition dates.

Sept. 9th. 

   “State of The Earth” exhibit opening reception with refreshments.

   “State of Emergency” Runway Show with Red Rebels Performance.

Sept. 16th.  Lecture and video presentation with Botanical Research Institutes of America, Inc.

Sept. 23rd. „Anthotypes: An Introduction” workshop. 

October 2023: Expanding virtual exhibition with Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina – Buenos Aires.

This gathering of very talented women artists come together from different parts of the world to inspire and raise awareness of the importance of planting native plants for biodiversity.

The artists‘ works are inspired by the ecosystems of their homeland or by the places they chose to live. This exciting collective effort focuses on social, mental and environmental ecology, connecting human health with environmental and planetary health, increasing emotional resilience and adaptation to a healthier Earth; thus linking human and species rights.

The aim of the artists is to create empathy and understanding about biodiversity fatigue through intercultural engagement and for the understanding of society on diminishing pollinators.

From a private garden in Brandenburg, Germany, the Álamos de la Vega in Granada Spain, the mangroves of Puerto Rico to the Forest Park, Queens in New York, this collection of works leads us to a context of spiritual communion with „La Pachamama“ – Female Goddess of the Earth and the Fertility, a benign agricultural divinity conceived as the Mother who nurtures, protects and sustains humans and wildlife.-