27.07.2012 - Documenta13:

Performance, Transformation I–IV, 27.07.12, Pavillion 42, at the invitation of Prof. Steve Kurtz (USA) and the Critical Arts Ensemble (CAE), Kassel, Germany

“Life is a drama, either you are a spectator or an actor“, Violeta Vollmer´s personal motto ever since she , a Lithuanian born artist, fled the ruins of the Soviet Empire to become one of the myriad of global migrants. The series Transformations I-IV provides an insight into the free artists continued efforts in different genres and media to analyse, deconstruct, compare, connect, assess and transform in an artistic way the ever changing global reality around her. The series of Transformations I-IV exemplifies the artists struggle to create fixing points for her archives of memories thus enabling her to create her own narrative on the basis of a global subconscious , a narrative that transforms her complex biographical reality and her memories and their global context with its historical, socio-economic and aesthetical aspects into a personal myth, which the recipient needs to decode.