2016 - Open Atelier, Senzig:

2016 – The Artists “Open Atelier“ in Senzig, Germany under the motto :  Everyone is also a different one, inspired by the anthropomorphic symbolism in Kafka´s „A report for an academy and B:Brecht´s  „If sharks were humans“ with Wilfried Vollmer  performing “I…a free monkey“  and performing a bathtub lecture  for Youtube according to B.Brechts  narration „If sharks were men“  and a display of Violeta Vollmer´s series of portraits ,pencil on Paper ,42cm x 59,4cm each; her iron and bronze and acryl on canvas  mixed media installation „Steh auf Mensch!“  based on an acronym in German ( „Get up man!“); a mixed media neon installation with an used iron frame and a bronze background with the title „Nur nicht auffallen“( „ Do not stand out, just do´nt attract attention!“; large size photo prints on PVC foil , bronze sculptures  and unique silver jewellery designe and crafted by Violeta Vollmer as artists statements.