2019 - The Familiar And The Foreign:

2019 – The Familiar And The Foreign – Das Eigene und das Fremde ; Alte Feuerwache Eichwalde bei Berlin; a retrospective exhibition of a selection of her works of art, projects and objects from 1994 – 2019. The solo-exhibition streched over two storeys.

Located on ground floor were:

The main objects of the Familiar and the Foreign:

  1. A mosaic of a total of 512 single 25 x 25cm acrylic paintings on canvas with a dimension of 2 meters x 16 meters , created between 1998 and 2010, dedicated by her as a critical iconography to the states of Argentina, Brasil, Mexico ,which were hung in this order and the USA and Namibia,which were hung seperately, reflecting her life and work during the time she was present in each of these states. The mosaic of of each single state she concentrated on is connected like a timeline by the portraits of her own  children  at the age when they lived there. Attentive viewers will recognise conflicts,people and important themes of the contemporary history of the states she portrayed.
  2. La Argentina ,a tryptichon of three acrylic paintings with the format of 150cm x 200cm ,each in a solid bronze frame, created in 2003-2004 reflecting on the crisis in Argentina of 2002, when the state was unable to meet ist payment obligations on its foreign debt and therefore was decoupled from the US Dollarwith the Peso loosing 65 % of ist value leaving the economy in decline and the state in decay The central motive of decline and decay is represented by a five meter high plastic replica of the US Statue of Liberty first sold by a US car dealer  to a supermarket and then finally to a slaughterhouse
  3. Double Standard , acrylic painting and object , 150cm x 200cm, with the refoldable painting of a rear view mirror that carries on ist back the artists tribute to Edward Hopper and Ludwig Wittgenstein, while her tribute to the poets of the Beatnick generation can be seen at the front side of her painting, which sums up her critical reflection of the US society  as well as our way to travel.
  4. USA I and II, two video-installations, a sequence with the resume of her aesthetical experiences from two transcontinental journeys through the USA
  5. Three photo prints on thick PVC foil usually used for advertisements on lorries, 150cm x 200cm,“ Declaring war on gravity“, “On solid ground“,“Two masks“


On the 1st floor of the Alte Feuerwache were on display:

  1. “The Lovers“ ,49 pencil on paper, graphics , 42cm x 59,4cm, illustrating the poem “Die Liebenden“ Bertolt Brecht (1927)published 1930 for more details see above the 2020 exhibition with the homonymous title at Alte Schulscheune, Diensdorf –  Radlow, near Bad Saarow, Germany.
  2. Adouble sided set of 29 collages on the subject of the artists impressions of Germany made from cardboard, torn out fragments of the FAZ newspaper pages, photoshoped PC prints, 50cm x 60 cm, stowed away like an artists book in a case of cardboard  covered with torn out and glued fragments of the FAZ newspaper pages
  3. 46 unpublished illustrations , coloured ink on paper, f 42x 59,4cm for a series of children books under the title of “Kasimir and Fridolin and their gang of seven comrades“; here No.1 under the title “Kasimir  and Fridolin – What would  be if…“