2014 Teltow Art Sunday

2014 – “Finally settling down in Brandenburg and joining ist arts scene“ at the Teltow Art Sunday, Teltow, Germany.

2012 Documenta13

27.07.2012 – Documenta13: Performance, Transformation I–IV.

2007 Altona

16.06.-02.07.2007 – Altona: Nominated for the prize of the Altonale for the  installation: Great prospects / A wonderful view, a pop up exhibition, an archaic as well as cultivated visual  showcase of art and design, temporarily on display at the abandoned Karstadt department store, Hamburg-Altona.

2006 Elbart

03.-04.06.2006 – Elbart: A first retrospective exhibition of selected aspects of my creative output at The Old  Elbtunnel, Hamburg.

2004 Performance

03.12.2004 – Performance: Pv. de Buenos Aires, San Isidro, Ribera del Rio de la Plata: Leaving ashes for Argentina.