2019 – at Art A10, Wildau bei Berlin, Germany.

2018 – “Free“ a multimedia exhibition integrating large size photo prints on PVC foil, a video installation and an eight hours live performance in her self made straitjacket at the Gerichtshöfe, Berlin, Germany.

2018 –“28.000“,nominated for the Brandenburg Art Prize, an exhibition depicting 12 graphics ,pencil on paper, 42cm x 59,4 cm from a series of 33.

2017 – “ Food is the first thing, morals follow on“ at Gerichtshof, Berlin, Germany.

2017 – The artists “Open Atelier“ in Senzig, Germany.

2017 – “Declaring war on gravity“ , three large size photo prints on thick PVC foil normally used for advertisements on trucks depicted for the participation on the exhibition titled “Dreams and Symbols“ at the OnArt Gallery, Florence, Italy.